Kickboxing is great for just about anyone, at almost any fitness level. Modifications and proper instruction will make sure that you are performing at a rate that is best for you, and that you continue to improve and increase the benefits of your workout over time.

Regardless of where you are starting, though, there are a few things that every kickboxer can focus on to make sure they are getting the most out of their workout.

Focus on your stance

If you aren’t sure about where your feet should be, what direction your hips should be pointed, and how your body should move when you throw a punch, you probably aren’t getting the most from your efforts. Proper body position can force you to use the right muscles so that you get stronger and improve your balance. If you aren’t starting off in the right position, you run the risk of throwing yourself off balance and injuring yourself.

Be honest

If your instructor is asking you to perform at a level that is causing you pain, tell them. Pushing through a difficult workout is important, but pushing through undiagnosed pain can be dangerous, especially if you are new to kickboxing or new to working out. If you have particular areas of weakness, your instructor can recommend exercises that will strengthen those areas, and help you to improve your kickboxing skills more quickly.

Fuel up

Kickboxing is intense. It burns a lot of calories and causes everyone to sweat a lot! Don’t try to do it on an empty stomach. Have a small amount of protein about an hour before your workout. And don’t forget to hydrate. If you start your workout already well-hydrated you are going to be off to a good start. Take breaks to drink water throughout the course of your workout. If you are getting dizzy or lightheaded, you are probably dehydrated. Stop until the feeling passes.

Join us to check out kickboxing. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help you get started and to help you stay on your fitness path. See you soon!