If you played youth sports you are probably quite familiar with the juice box and orange and apple slices after games, yet your eating habits were probably all over the place with days laced with pizza and soda and gummy snacks to boot! As an adult, you have made the correlation between guzzling a pint of ice cream and the immediate sugar crash afterward.


Diet is just as important as exercise itself and perhaps even more important because it is what fuels our workouts. At Burn Kickboxing, we want you to get everything out of your workout, which means taking a look at how you are fueling your body before and after one of our classes. Learn about how nutrition can impact your workout!

Food For Kickboxing


Kickboxing is a well-rounded workout chock-full of strength building and short, intense movements, so you need your food to work for you! Kickboxing is considered an anaerobic activity because of short periods of work followed by short rest periods, so your body doesn’t require much additional carbohydrates, instead, what it really craves is protein.


Build your plate around protein while mixing in a few carbohydrates here and there.


It is important to find the right balance for your body.


It is important to find a balance between the macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein). This is consuming enough calories to fuel your body as you work out, while keeping them low enough to shed excess fat. Play around with different ratios and food timing (before and after workouts) and see when your body is at its best!


When you find the right balance, you’ll know — similarly with the wrong combination of macronutrients! If you don’t have enough of something, you’ll often feel fatigued and sore.


Timing can also be important.


Ensure you are fueling your body after a strenuous kickboxing class — focus on protein. If you can’t get in a meal afterward, try a protein shake or


It is always important to be your own guinea pig but also listen to your body. If you are overly sore, you need more protein and if you’re always fatigued, up the carbs.


The way you eat to fuel your body is individual and look different from the person next to you — don’t be afraid to experiment!


At Burn Kickboxing, gone are the days of letting your diet affect your performance! Eat right to train better and smarter!


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