It’s dark and it’s cold and leaving your snuggly warm bed to workout is torture!

Staying active is a difficult habit for most people to get into the habit of doing, and the dreary, freezing winter weather isn’t doing any of us any favors! So, how do you stay on your fitness track without losing steam when the dark and cold make it almost impossible to conquer?

Burn Kickboxing is your local kickboxing gym that will keep you motivated and help you slug through the cold Syracuse winter. The trainers and fitness community at our gym are here to support and sometimes give you a little kick in the right direction for amazing fitness results — even in the winter! Learn some great tips below to help drag yourself to a kickboxing class today!

The Workout Woes of Winter (And What You Can Do About It)

Winter is the season of slowing down, and naturally, our bodies follow suit — we want to hibernate by going to bed earlier and stay tucked away in our cozy habit until the first spring thaw! But, if you want to maintain your fitness or revive your new year’s resolutions, it requires some sacrifice!

Make your home a tad warmer.

If you’re indulging in an early morning kickboxing class, help motivate yourself by programming the thermostat to a warmer temperature an hour or half hour before you have to be up and at it! The extra heat warms your home and makes it a little more doable in dragging yourself from your bed.  

Adjust your workout gear.

Sure, you may get hot and sweaty in kickboxing and only require a sports bra and leggings, but that’s not how you should leave the house! It is vital to dress according to the winter weather, this will make your exit to kickboxing class much more enjoyable.

Find comfy, warm clothes that give you a nice cozy hug when you pull them on.


Know your prime workout window.


Are you an early riser or night owl? The best time to workout in the cold, dreary months is when you know you’re more willing to do it. For some, they don’t mind the dark and frigid mornings, they just want to get moving, while on the other hand, you can’t peel some out of their bed in the winter no matter what awaits them!


When you know yourself, you can better prepare. If you workout at lunch or after work you can be sure to pack your gym bag with layering options and a postworkout snack or drink.


If you’re working out in the morning, dress accordingly and give yourself clothing options so you’re not spending too much time trying to figure out what you want to wear and risk potentially backing out of your workout.  


Mimic the sunlight.


The sunlight indicates to our bodies that it’s time to get up and get moving and when there is less of it in the winter, it can be the nail in our motivation coffin! If you struggle with the missing and sparse daylight consider investing in a light that turns on and gradually gets brighter over time to mimic the sun coming up.


Use music to your advantage.


Alarms do a great job of waking us up, sometimes out of a deep, restful sleep, but they’re not great at motivating us! Instead, try using a song from your phone to wake you up and get you psyched — this will alert your body it’s time to go and get stoked for another great workout!


Wrangle moral support.


Nothing is better than slogging through a workout than with the support of a buddy! At least with another person they’re depending on you being there, so go ahead, put yourself on the line and don’t only sign up for a class, but offer to pick them up on the way, too!


Warm up indoors.


No one likes to leave the comfort of their warm and toasty bed for anything, let alone winter workouts, so do yourself a favor and get your blood pumping right after you crawl out! Do a set of burpees, jumping jacks, or jump rope to warm up. Even a couple of minutes warms you up and primes your body for the workout ahead.


Working out in the winter does come with some drawbacks, but it’s really about establishing a workout plan and sticking to it consistently. The consistency alone will pull you through, but setting yourself up for success through different things can make this time more enjoyable!

To sign up for one of our kickboxing classes, connect with us today! And remember, spring is just around the corner!