1. 5 Great Foods to Eat Before Kickboxing

    What you eat has a huge impact on how well you can exercise. If you forgo eating before a workout, you’re going to run out of energy and put yourself at risk of injury. If you eat the wrong thing, you might be negating the positive effects of your regimen for the day. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of five great foods to eat before you start kickboxing. It’s recommended to e…Read More

  2. The Benefits of Kickboxing

    More and more people every day are shouting from the rooftops their love of kickboxing. Though it is gaining popularity, you might not know how great a workout it really is. We’ve gathered up some of the biggest benefits that come with kickboxing. After you’re done reading how kickboxing can help you, come to Burn Kickboxing in Syracuse. Our trainers will help you kick your fitness into gear! …Read More

  3. What To Know Before You Start Kickboxing

    When you’re preparing for your first kickboxing class, there are some steps you should follow to maximize it. We’ve gathered helpful tips for what you should know before you start kickboxing. When you’re ready to get started, call us at Burn Kickboxing here in North Syracuse. Whether you want to increase your strength or boost your endurance, our talented trainers want to help you achieve yo…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Group Exercise

    Previously, we took a look at the physical benefits of kickboxing, but today we’re going to be looking at the benefits of group exercise in general. It’s not uncommon to run into roadblocks when working out alone, but you will find that group exercise solves many issues that stop a good training regimen in its tracks. Often we hear that someone gave up working out on their own out of boredom, …Read More

  5. Kickboxing Classes: More Than Just a Physical Transformation

      Kickboxing is a great way to burn calories, build muscle, and lose weight. It is one of the few workouts that provides all of the benefits of resistance training with a cardio workout that burns a crazy amount of calories. It’s more than that, though. Take a look at all of the benefits of kickboxing. Then join a class at Burn Kickboxing in Syracuse and try it out for yourself. We think you’…Read More

  6. Getting the most out of your kickboxing workout

    Kickboxing is great for just about anyone, at almost any fitness level. Modifications and proper instruction will make sure that you are performing at a rate that is best for you, and that you continue to improve and increase the benefits of your workout over time. Regardless of where you are starting, though, there are a few things that every kickboxer can focus on to make sure they are getting t…Read More

  7. Try Kickboxing To Lower Your Cholesterol

    When people are concerned with their cholesterol, changing their diet is often the number one prescribed tactic to reducing their LDL cholesterol levels. While diet plays a very important role in lowering LDL cholesterol and getting healthy, exercise can play an important role too. If you’re looking for ways to improve your overall health, kickboxing is a fun way to get in the exercise you need.…Read More

  8. Five Cholesterol Myths and What to Eat Instead

    You knew there was a bit of an over-emphasis (borderlining obsession) about cholesterol, right? Before we jump into some myths let's make sure we're on the same page when it comes to what exactly cholesterol is. Myth #1: “Cholesterol” is cholesterol While cholesterol is an actual molecule... what it is bound to while it's floating through your blood is what's more important than just how much …Read More

  9. Three Ways Kickboxing Can Boost Your Metabolism

    As we age, our metabolisms begin to slow down, which can make losing weight or even keeping our weight at a steady number a difficult task. One of the most beneficial ways to boost your metabolism is to work out. If you're tired of the same workouts you’ve been doing your whole life to try and lose weight and stay in shape, such as running and lifting weights, it’s time to try something new. A…Read More

  10. Why Is My Metabolism Slow?

    You may feel tired, cold or that you've gained weight.  Maybe your digestion seems a bit more “sluggish”. You may be convinced that your metabolism is slow. Why does this happen?  Why do metabolic rates slow down? What can slow my metabolism? Metabolism includes all of the biochemical reactions in your body that use nutrients and oxygen to create energy.  And there are lots of factors that …Read More