1. Body Sculpting Tips

    When you try a kickboxing class at Burn Kickboxing, you’ll know that we mean it when we say that you will burn calories, shed fat, and tone muscles. One of the most popular features of kickboxing is that it is said to be “body sculpting.” But what exactly does “body sculpting” mean, and how do we achieve it? Body sculpting is the desired cumulative effect of diet and exercise that trims …Read More

  2. Kickboxing Expectations

    One of the questions we field with great frequency is, “What can I expect from kickboxing?” We, at Burn Kickboxing in Syracuse, give the normal answers. We usually tell people how great kickboxing is, how it will be the best workout they’ve experienced. We tell them how it’s a combination of calisthenics and aerobics that builds strength and endurance. It is training that will give you tha…Read More

  3. Two Great Reasons to Try Kickboxing

    Burn Kickboxing in Syracuse invites you to try a free kickboxing class. We offer a no-risk, no obligation trial! Call us today for more information. Fun Burn Kickboxing instructors pump up the jams and get you moving to your favorite songs. It’s a great combination of an intense workout and music oriented exercise class. A lot of what we do works really well with a strong beat, and that beat can…Read More

  4. Kickboxing Benefits Women

      In our last blog, we explored some basic question and answers about Burn Kickboxing, and this week we’ll continue but with a focus on the benefits for women. Of course, kickboxing is great for both men and women, but today, we’ll look at how women specifically benefit from the dynamic combination of cardio, calisthenics, and aerobics. Natural Advantages This is not to say that men can…Read More

  5. Welcome to the Blog of Burn Kickboxing!

    If you are on this site, you are either curious about kickboxing and how it can help you reach your fitness goals, or already a convert and want to know more about the greatest workout around! As this is our first blog, we’ll start out with an introduction to kickboxing and as time goes by, we’ll explore various aspects of kickboxing. We’ll start with some frequently asked questions. Why Kic…Read More