1. Common Myths Of Kickboxing

    There are many Syracuse workout classes you can sign up for, but don’t miss out on kickboxing because of a myth you once heard!   When it comes to fitness for women, we know they quickly fill up yoga classes and group fitness offered at gyms, but what about kickboxing?    As it turns out, women are loving kickboxing in our Syracuse gym and find that kickboxing is the perfect workout to crush …Read More

  2. The Many Reasons To Try Kickboxing This Fall

    Summer may be over but that’s no excuse to let your fitness slide!   The cooler weather of fall brings begs us to layer and bundle up as winter approaches, as the days of sunlight get shorter and our beverages get warmer! But, where does that leave our fitness? If you’ve been spending your training days outdoors and are having a rough transition to fall, why not shake things up and give kickb…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Cross-Training

    Doing too much of one thing can actually halt your fitness goals! In our last post, we touched on the benefits of taking active rest days and fun idea for activities to participate in. In today’s post, we’re going to touch on something in the same vein of active recovery known as cross-training.  At Burn Kickboxing, while kickboxing is one of the best cardio workouts out there, a balanced exe…Read More

  4. Fun Activities That Boost Wellness on Your Active Rest Days

    Because cross-training is just as important as your kickboxing goals! When it comes to our training routines, we can get a little intense about what and how we go about them, and oftentimes, this leads a fitness plateau. So, if you’ve been committed to your weekly kickboxing classes for some time now, it’s important to shake things up! At Burn Kickboxing, optimal wellness is vital your quality…Read More

  5. The Ultimate Guide To Staying Motivated This Winter

    It’s dark and it’s cold and leaving your snuggly warm bed to workout is torture! Staying active is a difficult habit for most people to get into the habit of doing, and the dreary, freezing winter weather isn’t doing any of us any favors! So, how do you stay on your fitness track without losing steam when the dark and cold make it almost impossible to conquer? Burn Kickboxing is your local k…Read More

  6. How to Stick to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

    Because sometimes we have to dig deep and really learn patience! The new year is here, and with it comes a host of resolutions and commitments to get better in your health and wellness endeavors. Perhaps you want to lose weight and gain muscle or you have the dreams of finishing a marathon. Whatever your goals are, new year resolutions are wonderful for lighting the initial spark to get started. W…Read More

  7. Do You Really Need to Warm-Up Before Kickboxing?

    When you spend a little time warming up before kickboxing, it may improve and enhance your workout. We are all pressed for time — sure skipping flossing this one time is okay, but skipping a warm-up can be detrimental to your workout. As you are eager to jump right into kickboxing, spending an extra five minutes warming up can only benefit you. At Burn Kickboxing, it is crucial that our clients …Read More

  8. Four Reasons To Start Kickboxing

    Kickboxing has been gaining traction in the group fitness space and is one of the most popular martial art forms in the United States. Not only is it worthwhile because you can learn valuable self-defense tactics, but it also provides a myriad of health benefits.   If you are looking for a great workout with a fabulous fitness community, Burn Kickboxing offers just that. Our kickboxing classes in…Read More

  9. How Your Nutrition Can Make or Break Your Athletic Performance

    If you played youth sports you are probably quite familiar with the juice box and orange and apple slices after games, yet your eating habits were probably all over the place with days laced with pizza and soda and gummy snacks to boot! As an adult, you have made the correlation between guzzling a pint of ice cream and the immediate sugar crash afterward.   Diet is just as important as exercise i…Read More

  10. The Best Tips For Kickboxing

    If you’re new to kickboxing — or starting a new fitness regimen for that matter — joining a new group fitness class can be intimidating. You often don’t know the small nuances of a new class from how to wrap your hands, to when you take breaks — it’s all a little overwhelming at first. You’ll never get it right or perfect your first kickboxing class, but there are things you can do b…Read More