1. The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Summer Habits!

    Because creating healthy, consistent habits can happen in the summer, too! People who live a healthy lifestyle all have one thing in common — their days are filled with strategic, healthy habits. It’s a foundation built upon habit after habit until it’s just a part of life!  At Burn Kickboxing in Syracuse, we’ve found that one habit to a healthy lifestyle is working out, and that’s what…Read More

  2. How To Fuel Your Body Post-Kickboxing Workout

    Optimal nutrition plays a key role in how your body recovers — learn how to fuel it to reach your fitness goals faster! Nutrition elevates your training, there are no ifs, ands, or buts around it — you need to fuel your body correctly to see the goals you are working so hard towards. If you’ve ever gone deep into a workout without refueling, you know how horrible that feels — shaky, jitter…Read More