The convergence of kickboxing, calisthenics, and aerobics into a single workout regimen is incredibly popular for one reason: it WORKS! Talk to our current students and they’ll use words like “Dynamic!” “Intense” “Muscle-burning” and “Body-sculpting”. This program is all of those things and more, because it’s been carefully designed, refined, and honed to be the best, most energetic, explosive combination of exercises and fitness routines possible. This most important aspect we want you to know is that “Fitness can be Fun!” and we’ve seen our classes produce incredible results time and again! Our program is known for one thing: Producing real results. The type of results you’ve always been looking for! If you want to get in shape fast, these fitness kickboxing classes are the answer!


  • The “Funnest” Workout You’ll Ever Experience! The music is pumpin’, instructor on the microphone, and the energy is contagious!
  • Specifically Designed Classes that Produce Results! A systematic class plan that is high intensity providing fat loss and muscle toning!
  • Coaches that will “teach you” how to Reach your Fitness Goals! Coaches that care and connect with you on all levels. Success comes not just from the gym but from what’s going on off the mats.
  •  You’re joining a “family”… this is NO big box gym, We are a team! Nobody is in it by themselves. And nobody here is just another number!
  • Nutrition Coaching & Counseling. The single most important part of the recipe! This is 75% of what it takes to reach your fitness goals, and we’ll teach you how to do that!

Burn Kickboxing’s classes work so well because they use a variety of motions, techniques, and exercises to target all major muscle groups. The rapid changes from one movement to the next help to generate a high-intensity, challenging workout while maintaining your interest and focus. Plus, our staff of highly-trained and experienced instructors will personally work with you to ensure your workout meets your fitness level and your goals.

  • The combination of explosive exercises and rhythmic movement challenges you and pushes your muscles to their limits.
  • A single workout can easily burn twice as many calories as traditional exercise, and it’s more fun, too!
  • Within your first week of classes, you’ll start to see improvement in your balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, and stamina.
  • Your body will respond to our program, getting firmer and tighter.
  • Your cardio-pulmonary system will become more efficient.
  • Your muscles will become more supple and stronger.
  • You’ll start to get that look you’ve always wanted.
  • Best of all, you’ll feel great!


The classes will kick-start your brain, too! It motivates you, inspires you to reach your goals, and improves your mental focus. After one of our dynamic sessions, you’ll come away feeling relaxed, unstressed, and above all – powerful! You’ll have taken a key step toward better health. You’ll be making improvements towards that physique you’ve always wanted!

What you can expect from the classes

Each class begins with a quick stretch and warm-up, to ease you into the workout safely and without over-taxing your body. From there, the beat of the music propels you into a series of instructor-led routines to get your heart rate up into the optimal zone. You’ll work drills of kicks, punches, hooks, and uppercuts that get your mind and body into the rhythm. We’ll break it up with different sets of calisthenics before moving on to the heavy bags for resistance training. Once you’ve worked up a great sweat and you can feel your muscles burning – just when you wonder if you can really keep going, we’ll move into toning the core and pushing you to limits you didn’t realize you could get to! You will burn fat, tone muscle, get a firm butt, sexy arms & legs, and feel the best you ever have. No two classes are the same! And you’ll be on the fast track to achieving your fitness goals in the matter of no time!