Q) “I’ve never done Kickboxing before, what can I expect?”

  1. A) Our Cardio Kickboxing classes are specifically designed for ALL ability and experience levels. These classes will set you up for success, whether you haven’t worked out in a long time or consider yourself a fitness fanatic! We incorporate modifications for all levels (beginner to advanced) for all exercises, circuits, combinations, and drills.  You can expect the most heart-pounding, sweat-dripping, calorie-burning workout experience that you’ve ever had!  These body sculpting classes will streamline you into the “best shape of your life” in the matter of no time!

Q) “I’m not the most coordinated person, are these classes for me?”

  1. A) These classes are for everyone!  The best thing here at Burn Kickboxing is that everyone is “in it to win it” together.  Everyone coaches each other through the workouts, and no one is ever left behind. There is no wrong here, we have all different ability and experience levels, and with our incorporated modifications, everyone gets a great workout in!

Q) “Can I sign up with a partner?”

  1. A) Absolutely!  We encourage our members to recruit friends to workout with.  We can even schedule you together for your first visit.  On your first visit, we’ll go over all the details you’ll need to know both on and off the mats.  Beyond that first visit, you can come to any days and times that work best for your schedule.  Our biggest asset here is our schedule…make sure to check it out below!

Q) “Where are you located?”

  1. A) We’re located at 7575 Buckley Road in North Syracuse, in the Sugarwood Plaza.  It’s at the corner of Bear and Buckley Roads in North Syracuse.

Q) “How do I get started?”

  1. A) All you have to do is register for our Online Web-Special. Super-easy and super-convenient.  Register today to start taking advantage of all the great fitness benefits that our program has to offer. You can do that by clicking here.