1. Down 25lbs! I will never look back!

    When I started with Burn I was in a terrible place, both physically and mentally. It only took a few classes to realize I had made a decision that would change my life. I quickly realized it’s not just about what you lose. Inches off my waist, body fat, and pounds were shed fast! But more about what I gained. I found strength, focus, endurance, and lifelong friendships that have brought me to the happiest and healthiest I have EVER felt and I will never look back!

    Jessica Underwood
  2. Down 17LBS! What I Didn’t realize is what I would gain.

    I started at Burn 2 months after having my third child, my main reason being to lose the baby weight. In just one year, I lost 17 lbs and 8% body fat. When I saw those numbers I was blown away. What I didn’t realize is what I would gain. Amazing friendships, strength and courage within myself, and a family of trainers that always push me to want more!

    Deniese Johnson

    Since joining Burn a little over a year ago, I feel so much better both physically and mentally. I absolutely love the instructors and have made some great friends. Everyone encourages me to be the best that I can be. I look forward to each and every class and the challenges it brings!

  4. I’m down 85 pounds and I’m still shrinking!

    “So much of my success and anyone who has success is through what is eaten. Burn Kickboxing will give you quality exercise, and if you can pair that with proper nutrition, you will find success. I’m still shrinking, down over 85 pounds now in less than 6 months!”

  5. I LOVE this, I’m down 30 pounds in just 90 Days!


    “I LOVE this! I have lost 30 pounds, and it keeps me coming back because the workouts are amazing, the energy is awesome, and it’s something different to look forward to!”

  6. The energy is contagious

    “I started kickboxing with the 90 day challenge in January. After 2 c-sections I couldn’t even do a sit up! In the first 3 months my before & after pics were amazing! So far, I’ve lost about 10 pounds! I recently went on a beach vacation and was very proud to wear my bikini! Hard work had paid off! I am a 38 year old mother of 2 little kids. My body has changed in so many great ways! I feel really good! Kickboxing is so motivating, the energy is contagious, and I feel like family when I go to Burn. I’ve always been into fitness, but this is the first time that I love going and can’t wait for the next time I Feel That BURN!”

  7. The atmosphere here is addicting, and the program is top notch!

    “I’m Down 25 pounds! I have to say that I’ve tried a lot of things out there to be healthy, but never stuck with it… until now. The atmosphere here is addicting, and the program is top notch!”

  8. I have lost pounds and inches, AND gained muscle!

    “I have definitely lost pounds, but I have gained way more muscle from these classes, as well as toned up a lot! I have lost a lot of inches. My jeans and clothes fit so much better now!”

  9. I Hope This is Proof

    Definitely never thought I’d post this but why not everyone goes through it. This past winter I was the heaviest I have EVER been, not working out and eating twinkies every day like it was my second job lol. BUT being someone who usually weighed 130lbs my whole life and active/into sports I wasn’t happy with how my body was so I decided to make a change, fast! I started the 90 day fitness challenge at Burn Kickboxing and yesterday marked the last day of class (even tho I signed up for more)… I knew I was losing weight, as everyone I saw told me I looked thinner but I never realized it until they sent me my before pictures today and HOLY @!#$! Still not to where I usually am, but I’ll get there! I’m down 10 points, I lost a whole bunch of Body Fat, and if you’re not a believer… I hope this is Proof! These instructors are amazing and I’m honestly so addicted. Thank you guys for getting me back into beach body shape and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!!

  10. I Feel Great

    “I started this journey last year. I am an average woman, now age 40, I have medical issues, thyroid issues, hormone issues and fibromyalgia. I work full-time, have kids and a home to care for. I’m now over a year in and I feel great and now have started to change my diet and I am losing weight. The team at Burn are amazing and they have helped me along the way. I am thankful that I signed up a year ago and can’t imagine a better way to workout. So, to everyone reading this and feeling like nothing out there works, you can do this!!! I Absolutely love this place. Love the staff and the workouts. I look forward to every class, they are challenging and fun! I feel great, am losing weight, and the changes I have seen are amazing!”