Fitness can be Fun! That’s what our classes are all about. We are here to get Syracuse in shape! Our modern, clean and sleek gym will have you coming back for more. Reach your fitness goals at Burn Kickboxing and have fun while you do it!


Fun, never boring! No two of our classes are alike, you’ll go through a series of instructor-lead exercise that will keep you on your toes! Reaching your fitness goals doesn’t have to be torture sessions that you force yourself to go through. A Burn Kickboxing class is the most fun you can have while getting in a great, fat- burning, full-body workout.

Warm Up!

Our instructors choose music to get you jumping and then will lead you through warm up exercises and challenging drills. Warming up your muscles for the workout to come! You are getting warmed up for a bag-centered workout that involves calisthenics and cardio.

Cardio and Calisthenics!

Cardio exercises get your heart pumping and improve your the health of your heart. Calisthenics involve the development of grace,  endurance, and energy levels. The kickboxing segment of the workout involves high-intensity heavy bag rounds and pad striking, muscle toning circuits and partner drills.

Body Sculpting and Fat Burning!

Body sculpting means working on areas of your body you want to be trim and toned. Our systematic class plan is designed to burn fat and tone muscle.


Our Kickboxing studio has your fitness goals as our goals. We want to see you get as fit as you can be. We will put all our tools at your disposal. This means our classes and our Nutrition Coaching & Counseling that will help maximize your efforts.

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